Combined DVD & VHS DVR 941

SEG DVD-Recorder & VHS Videorecorder Kombi DVR 941

2 in 1: this multifunctional device combines a DVD-Recorder with a VHS-Recorder in one frame – space-saving and less cable confusion!

The Direct-Copy-Function allows a smooth and easy re-recording of your VHS tapes on DVD media (or vice versa) – safe your “old” VHS tapes with digital quality on DVD.

The 6 head VHS-Video-Recorder comes with HiFi-Stereo Sound and a high class Video quality (incl. freeze frame).

Dual-Media-DVD-Technology allows you to record your DVDs on DVD+R and DVD+RW, as well as on DVD-R and DVD-RW Discs.

Download (PDF):

General Information

SEG DVR 941 Front AV
Front AV (Detail)

General Information

  • DVD-Recorder & VHS Video-Recorder in one device
  • Direct-Copy from VHS on DVD or DVD on VHS
  • Multi-Timer
  • One Touch Recording
  • VPS VideoProgrammSystem
  • Progressive Scan (DVD)
  • PAL / NTSC
  • Multilanguage OSD: German, English, Italian, French, and many more
  • Display on device
  • PAL TV-Tuner (Hyperband cabel tuner) with 99 Channel Memory
  • A2 Stereonorm
  • Function buttons on main unit
  • AC 200-240V-Powersupply Voltage
  • Cabinet Color Black


Suggested Retail Price: € 279,00

DVD-Recorder Features

DVD-Recorder Features

  • DVD-Recorder with Dual-Media support (Recording on DVD+R, DVD+RW and DVD-R, DVD-RW)
  • Supports the following formats: DVD-Video, DVD+R/+RW, DVD-R/-RW, VCD, CD-DA, MP3-CD, JPEG-CD
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Wide Screen, 4:3 LB, 4:3 PS (DVD).
  • Selection of von Synchronous Language / Subtitles / Viewing Angle / Disc-Menu-Language
  • Zoom-Function
  • Child Lock
  • Fastforward/Rewind
  • Slowmotion, multispeed
  • Freeze Frame / Detail Screen

VHS-Video-Recorder Features

VHS-Video-Recorder Features

  • 6 head HQ VHS-Video-Recorder with HiFi-Stereo Sound
  • Recording and playback of VHS tapes
  • Fastforward/Rewind
  • Slowmotion, multispeed
  • HQ-Freeze Frame / Detail Screen playback



  • Number of Scart 2
  • Front AV
  • Digital Audio Output (coaxial)
  • Analog Audio Output Stereo Downmix
  • Component Video Output Y Pb Pr
  • Input Antenna
  • Output XLR
SEG DVR 941 Anschlüsse
SEG DVR 941 Anschlüsse

Packing Content

SEG DVR 941 Fernbedienung
DVR 941 Fernbedienung

Packing Content

  • 1 Combined DVD&VHS
  • 1 IR-Remote Control incl. Batteries (AAA)
  • 1 HF-Antenna cable
  • 1 Multilanguage Instruction Manual 
  • Warrany Card (Duration of guarantee: 24 months)




In principle, you can play self-provided DVD+R/+RW, DVD-R/-RW, CD-R/-RW. However, this function can´t be guaranteed due to quality differences within blank CDs, as well as singularities while recording the CD. In such cases a malfunction of the equipment is excluded!


Logistic Details

Logistic Details

  • Dimensions (WxDxH in mm): 430 x 315 x 87
  • Dimensions of gift box (WxDxH in mm): 495 x 455 x 170
  • Net weight [in kg]: 4,90
  • Gross weight [in kg]: 6,60
  • Items per unit: 1
  • Sets / Pallet:       33 units
  • Sets / 20ft Container:   714 units
  • Sets / 40ft Container: 1.559 units
  • EAN:  40 49078 20034 5

Notice: Dimensions and weight can vary +/- 5%.



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